Community Outreach

Street Action

When in our town you will see our popup tent, with a smiling team member passing out pamphlets of empowerment and cold bottles of water. We aim to connect with those still suffering from the disease of addiction and women caught in the web of sex trafficking. We never know who’s hand we are shaking or neck we are hugging..we’re just out here dealing hope.

Healthcare Empowerment

Often the women we serve report having had an encounter at a local clinic or the Emergency Room Dept during a time where they were being actively sold on the streets. Our healthcare professionals can serve a vital role as an advocate and interventionist when properly trained to identify signs of trafficking and foster effective relationships within community and agency to assist those who are in need.

Faith Based Initiative

Statistics indicate that when an individual is suffering from the disease of addiction, 80%+ initially reach out for support from their faith leaders. Our goal is to equip faith communities to fight the opioid crisis while realizing the shocking sex trafficking statistics in our state but focusing on elements of prevention through education around two “tabu” topics

© DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center is registered Georgia Non Profit 501(c) 3. Recovery occurs in communities and  extends out into the communities in which we live, work, worship, play, build relationships. As a Recovery Community Organization, our intent is to introduce Women to multiple pathways of Recovery through education, advocacy and training.”

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