The Freedom Boutique

A meaningful thrifting experience. 

Shop, volunteer, or donate to support survivors.

Wednesday-Friday 10-6pm Saturday 10-3pm

The fight for
freedom is hard won.

For women who’ve survived sex trafficking, prostitution, or addiction, the road to recovery often looks impossible. Freedom House (our safe house for women) will soon provide a supportive community and holistic services to help women rebuild their lives and thrive again.

But, rent-free housing and wrap-around services are costly. That’s where the Freedom Boutique comes in. This upscale thrift boutique, selling gently loved items as well as gifts made by survivors, funds the Freedom House, while offering women dignified employment and raising awareness in the community.

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Avoid fast fashion, support survivors, and stock your closet with trendy, pre-loved apparel. Or, buy the perfect gift from our selection of new items handcrafted by survivors.

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Make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. Support women, build awareness in the community, and once a month, shop for yourself for 30% off!

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Share your gently loved clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc. with the boutique. Your items will benefit both the shoppers and the women living at Freedom House.

Support survivors while you shop —

Purchase with purpose

Shop sustainably, stock your closet, buy a meaningful gift, enjoy the thrill of a fantastic thrift find, and make a meaningful difference, all in one charming boutique!

The fight against human trafficking is daunting, but every time you shop our boutique, you’re making an impact.

Shop High Quality Items Off-the-Rack

When you shop the racks of our upscale thrift store, you can find gently loved clothes, shoes, scarves, jewelry, etc. in current styles. These items run from $5-$25 and are well-organized and tastefully displayed in our showroom.

Purchase Clothing By the Bag

Here’s where thrifting really gets thrilling! Items that have slightly more wear are sold in bins. Shop through the bins, fill up your bags, and pay $5 for each bag full! If you love a good bargain or are watching your budget, shopping by the pound is so. much. fun.

For an extra good time, give an extra $5 and gift a bag to a survivor!

Give Unique Survivor-Made Gifts
25% of our store is dedicated to new, handcrafted items, such as candles, soaps, essential oil products, jewelry, etc. made by survivors at Thistle Farms and Rahab’s Rope. These items make thoughtful gifts or meaningful pieces for your home, and your purchases empower women and support their journey towards healing.

Great service! I walked in spur of the moment  and loved it! When you buy something here, you make a difference. I’ve been burning my candle ever since.

Taylor Ramble

One of my new favorite spots! The atmosphere is so inviting, the worker was SOOOO nice and helpful, and it supports such a noble and meaningful cause. I ended up with some super cute shoes (the self pricing system is so cool) and a beautiful candle, and I’ll definitely be back!

Xenia Chon

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Support survivors while you shop —

Fight injustice with your time.

If you’re crushed by the stories of survivors and the statistics of how prevalent human trafficking is but don’t know how to make a dent in such a daunting problem, volunteering is a great place to start!

By regularly giving of your time at the boutique, you’ll help make it possible for women to recover while raising awareness in the community through their fight for freedom. (And, there’s more! . . . as a small way of saying thank you, once a month, volunteers have the opportunity to shop the boutique for 30% off!)

What is required to become a volunteer?

There are just three simple steps to volunteer at Freedom Boutique:

(1) Click “BECOME A VOLUNTEER” below and fill out a short form.
(2) We’ll reach out to you and invite you to attend an orientation (offered on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month).
(3) Commit to at least one 3 hour shift monthly.

Not sure volunteering with us is for you? We understand! Complete the form and we’ll answer all your questions. There’s no pressure to commit, ever.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of hours?
We ask that you commit to volunteering at least one three hour shift each month.
What tasks would I be doing if I volunteer?

Beyond making the shop a warm and friendly place for shoppers, you may find yourself:

● Working the register
● Steaming, tagging, and hanging clothes
● Restocking the shelves and racks
● Sharing the mission
● Curating shelves/merchandise (if you possess this skill)
● Dressing mannequins (if you possess this skill)

Oh, and there’s something else! You’ll be making a MEGA difference in the life of survivors!!

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Testimony of Volunteer

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Testimony of Volunteer

Pass along your gently loved items —

Look how far your donations reach.

From providing jobs and clothing women to raising funds for major recovery services, your quality donations make so much possible for survivors.

What do you accept?

We’re looking for gently loved, trendy women’s apparel, such as:
● dresses & skirts
● shirts, jackets, & blazers
● designer jeans & pants
● yoga & athletic gear
● hats
● shoes (casual/dress/athletic)
● designer handbags
● quality jewelry (including vintage & costume)

How do I drop off items?

Call 706-850-5945 to schedule a drop off.
We take donations Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-3, at our two drop off locations: 645 Hawthorne Avenue and 160 Tracy Street Suite 2C.

What do you do with items that you can't sell?
Any items that we cannot sell are passed on to local shelters and treatment centres. One way or another, your quality items will get to someone who needs them.
Do you have items that you especially need?
We have a high demand for plus size items, size 12-20 clothing, and yoga pants.
Photo of Building Representing Freedom Boutique with Colorful Balloons and poster with Divas Who Win Branding

Women desperately need to know they’re not alone.

Recovery happens best in community.

If your heart aches to see every woman free to live a thriving life, we’re right there with you.

That’s why, here at DIVAS Who Win, we help survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction Develop Intentional Victory And Success. Freedom Center, Freedom Boutique, and Freedom House are our primary avenues for offering whole-life healing.

You’re going to want to be a part of this.

Learn about the realities of trafficking and effective ways to bring freedom from our informative displays throughout the boutique.

Join the Divas community and save $ on your first thrifty purchase.

Get updates on what we’re doing, stories from survivors, and 10% off your first off-the-rack purchase at Freedom Boutique! Sign up now to receive your coupon.

We can’t wait to see you!