Our Work

We provide creative avenues for women to find safety, connection, and wellness.

Freedom is won through community.

At DIVAS Who Win, we meet women where they’re at and look for every possible opportunity to help them Develop Intentional Victory And Success.

We define success as connection. When women recognize they no longer have to struggle alone but, instead, have a family of fellow overcomers who understand and champion them, they become empowered to embrace wellness and pursue their goals.

To help DIVAS, we offer:

Addiction Recovery and Non Profit Divas Who Win Home A safe place to land Freedom Center Services

A safe place to get well.

The Freedom Center offers an open-armed welcome to any woman who wishes to come. Here, we offer wellness-focused support services, peer-led coaching and support, and welcoming space for refreshment and rest.

addiction recovery non profit divas who win athens ga consignment shop

A women's upscale thrift & gift boutique.

The Freedom Boutique is our upscale consignment shop selling gently used donations. The boutique helps fund DIVAS, offers women dignified employment, and raises awareness in the community.

addiction recovery non profit divas who win athens ga ambitious plan

An ambitious plan to help more.

Freedom House is our next step. When it opens, it will be a safe house for women to live while they transition, find wellness from addiction, or retire from the sex trade.

You can join the fight for freedom.

Three places that offer whole-life healing.

When a woman realizes she has a support system that won’t let her fall, transformation can begin.

1. Freedom Center

Open for women to come and go during business hours, the Freedom Center is focused on restoring dignity and dissolving shame.

When women enter for the first time, they’re greeted by our founder, Chanda, or one of our peer coaches, all of whom are survivors of trauma and have overcome addiction themselves. Throughout their initial tour, women hear stories of survival and clearly see that, with the right support, wellness is within their reach. From here, they’re given free access to an array of programs:

Portrait of African-American Lady Smiling and looking hopeful

Work-Readiness Program

She Works is a program designed to help women reintegrate into the workforce. Through this program, they can complete a 25-hour soft skills certification class, receive help building their resume, participate in mock interviews, and use internet-accessible computers and free printers. We offer a free professional clothing closet for women to shop from when preparing for interviews and also provide transportation to job interviews if needed.

Self-Care Parlor

In our Self-Care Parlor, we provide hairdryers and styling tools, make-up, and personal care items for women to use. There are also clothes, bras, jewelry, and shoes, all available free of charge, to ensure women have everything they need to feel prepared and confident for an interview, a court date, or anywhere else they need an extra boost of confidence.

Faith Pathways & 12-Step Programs

We take a Christ-centered approach to freedom from the bondage of sex work and recovery, including traditional 12-step recovery programs and weekly faith-based peer recovery check-ins.

Resource Center

We have a space in our center designated to connecting women with resources they need. A peer coach will help them navigate the wide variety of brochures and free information available. There are local farmer’s markets offering help with food, gyms providing discounted memberships, nearby domestic violence shelters open 24/7, and many other services being offered in our region to help women experience whole-person healing.

Community Kitchen

In our Community Kitchen, women can always find free hot soup and fresh produce to nourish themselves and their families. We also happily deliver meals as needed.

Art Center

Some trauma doesn’t have words. Our Art Center offers classes and open art time for women to create something beautiful and find healing through expressing their feelings in a variety of ways.

Retreat Center

The Retreat Center is a place to relax and be pampered. A professional massage therapist, who is also a survivor, comes in and offers free massages as a way of caring for hurting women and extending them the same support she herself received.

Living Room

Our Living Room is a place for peaceful refreshment, connection, and rest. Some women come here to catch a nap or get out of the weather for a bit. Others enjoy it as a place for quiet one-on-one conversations.

Leisure Room

The Leisure Room is where the party’s at! Netflix and Hulu are available on the TV, coffee and tea are always in full supply, there’s a selfie station for capturing fun moments, and the space is usually ringing with laughter. It’s also a great space for holding peer group meetings.

(SHE Retreats Center)

Divas Tour Part One

Living Room

Divas Tour Part Two

Self Care Parlor

Divas Tour Part Three

Leisure Services Room

Divas Tour Part Four

Community Kitchen

Divas Tour Part Five

Freedom Boutique Addiction Recovery Non Profit Divas Who Win

2. Freedom Boutique

Welcome to the Freedom Boutique, the walls are adorned with anti-trafficking messages and shelves filled with “power” as we boast the creations of human trafficking survivors both far and wide.

You will become obsessed with our preloved line of women’s apparel, moderately priced $5-$35. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, intimates, and more. Don’t forget to shop our bin section which is priced by the pound, $1.29 per pound, so fill your basket, educate your mind, empower survivors, as ALL proceeds directly support the mission of DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center and our efforts to launch, the Freedom House.

Follow our Facebook page for pop-up dates and clothing drop-off details.

Visit the Freedom Boutique:


Store hours:

Wednesday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Freedom Boutique serves three primary purposes:


Providing funds for the DIVAS mission.


Offering dignified employment opportunities to survivors.


Spreading awareness to the community about trafficking risks and realities and the hope for freedom through displays and conversations.

3. Freedom House.

The Freedom House is our highly anticipated next step. We’re still in the planning stages for the project, but our vision is to provide a safe house where women can live as they recover from addictions, escape trafficking, or transition out of the sex trade.

We are a sister organization to Thistle Farms and intend to follow their model by creating a therapeutic setting for women to find lasting healing through rest, community, and access to necessary services.

Photo of Multiple Girls Some Wearing Masks and smiling in an empty hall

Too many women are trapped in a struggle for their survival.

We have an opportunity to support them as they walk towards freedom.