Board of Directors

Chanda Santana (CARES)

Founder/Executive Director, Recovery Abolitionist

Chanda is a person in long term recovery and a Certified Addiction Empowerment Specialist. Chanda is the founder of DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center. Chanda has worked in the recovery arena for 11 years specializing in women who have experienced trauma.

Annette McFalls

Survivor Advocate

Annette is a person in long term recovery and has worked in the recovery field for ten years. Annette is passionate about women seeking recovery and those trapped in the Commercial sex industry.

Cedric Byrd


Rescue Team Advocate

Cedric is a family member of a person in long term recovery and an advocate for women’s rights and freedom. Cedric is also a graduate of Presbyterian College (B.S. Political Science) with corporate awareness and experience in the field of Finance & Payroll Management.

Alexia Jones, (CARES)

Recovery in the Arts

Alexia is a person in long term recovery and the founder of a Recovery Community Organization located in Decatur GA(R2ISE). Alexia is passionate about serving individuals with mental health challenges and SUD through the impact of the Arts.

Jamie Lovett,

Allies in the Marketplace

Jamie is an ally for individuals in recovery and survivors of sex trafficking. Jamie brings her business savvy and expertise to the organization by giving voice to our mission, openly and boldly in the marketplace amongst her colleagues. Jamie has been a business owner for ten plus years

Tracy Anthony

CAC1, Recovery Allie for the Homeless

Tracy is a person in long term recovery and has worked in the recovery arena over the last 6 years and has a passion to serve the homeless and women with life controlling habits.

Our Founding Board Members

© DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center is registered Georgia Non Profit 501(c) 3. Recovery occurs in communities and  extends out into the communities in which we live, work, worship, play, build relationships. As a Recovery Community Organization, our intent is to introduce Women to multiple pathways of Recovery through education, advocacy and training.”

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