To Create a safe space where people can unite towards justice and equality.


Bringing awareness to justice and equality through weekly discussions around anti-racism and social progress 

Moving the Community Forward, Towards an Equal Future 

About Us

About Our Founder

Chanda Santana knows what it's like to feel at the bottom. Her involvement in Diversity and Justice Dia-logues as well as Divas Who Win was born through an unyielding urge to help people who need it the most. Ms. Santana broke free of the sex trade 23 years ago while overcoming a battle with substance use 14 years ago. Additionally, her daughter was rescued from a family of sex traffickers just three years ago. With a life-+ time of first-hand experience, Ms. Santana wants to do everything within her power to create a society that serves everybody. Chanda is now a respected community leader who is an ally and advocate of social justice. As a black woman andentrepreneur, she strives to bring more diversity to leadership and social advocacy.

Seeing the Power of Change First Hand

Diversity and Justice Dialogues is a program affiliated with Divas Who Win, a non-profit that serves marginalized groups. Through our work with addicts, prostitutes, and sex trafficking survivors, we see the trickle-down effect of racism in society's most vulnerable populations.  

By combating racism and providing resources and opportunity, Divas Who Win has made incredible impacts in the lives of individual women who previously did not have hope. At Diversity and Justice Dialogues, we want to expand our mission to include our community. We hope u will join us! 

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In order to enact change on a grand scale, we believe we need the community on board. Diversity and Justice Dialogues welcomes participants from all backgrounds and demographics.


Together, let’s strive towards a future we can be proud of. One that benefits and helps everybody.


We cannot have a truly equal society until we address the issue of racism in our  community. Diversity and Justice Dialogues focuses on anti-racism and diversity topics


We believe in bringing experts and leaders in our community together too pen the dialogue needed to enact real, long-lasting social change.


Diversity and Justice Dialogues provides all members with a safe space where they can listen and be heard.


Next Steps:


Virtual Book Club


“Me and White Supremacy” written by Layla Saad


90 Minute Meet ups Virtually via Zoom/ 7 Weeks


Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:30 pm


Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:30 pm


$35 Registration Fee


Purchase Book /Complete Section1/Ready to Journal

Kick off Date:

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

© DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center is registered Georgia Non Profit 501(c) 3. Recovery occurs in communities and  extends out into the communities in which we live, work, worship, play, build relationships. As a Recovery Community Organization, our intent is to introduce Women to multiple pathways of Recovery through education, advocacy and training.”

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