Welcome to GET L.I.T. Summer Camp:

Leaders In Training!

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Ignite Your Leadership Potential, Build Community, Spark Change

Welcome to GET L.I.T. Summer Camp, the premier destination for empowering marginalized teen girls to become confident, compassionate leaders who drive positive change in their communities.

Our 10-week program is meticulously crafted to cultivate leadership skills, foster community connections, and inspire social change, enhancing both personal and societal impact.



Through immersive workshops, experiential learning, and personalized mentorship, campers unlock their innate leadership potential and harness the transformative power of their voices.

They acquire essential skills such as goal-setting, effective communication, and ethical leadership, positioning them as trailblazers within their schools, neighborhoods, and beyond.

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At GET L.I.T. Summer Camp, diversity is not just celebrated; it’s our cornerstone. Campers forge profound connections with peers and mentors, cultivating an inclusive community where every individual is valued and embraced. Together, they synergize, innovate, and evolve into formidable leaders.

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Armed with knowledge, skills, and unwavering passion, GET L.I.T. GIRLZ campers emerge as catalysts for positive societal change. They delve into critical social justice issues, devise impactful advocacy strategies, and take decisive action to combat inequities and injustices. They epitomize leadership characterized by empathy, courage, and unwavering compassion.

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Join us

Join us for an empowering summer of transformative leadership development, community enrichment, and impactful social change at GET L.I.T. GIRLZ Summer Camp: Leaders In Training.

Together, let’s illuminate the path toward a brighter future, one empowered leader at a time.

Ready to unleash your leadership potential?

Apply now and embark on a journey of profound growth, empowerment, and societal impact!

School Dayz Academy!

Unlock Your Leadership, Connect with Your Crew, Shape the Future: 

School Dayz Academy serves as the epicenter for cultivating, nurturing, and empowering future leaders.

Operating from September to May, our flagship program provides a dynamic platform for teens to hone their leadership prowess, cultivate meaningful connections, and effect positive change within their communities.

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Join us every Monday from 4-7:30 pm for an immersive experience where students partake in restorative justice circles, receive expert tutoring support, and engage in our comprehensive leadership curriculum.

Through stimulating discussions, tailored academic assistance, and hands-on leadership activities, students unlock their latent potential and emerge as architects of positive societal transformation.

GET LIT GIRLZ CAMP, the summer extension of School Dayz Academy, seamlessly extends the transformative experience into the summer months, offering a life-altering 10-week leadership program exclusively for teen girls. Together, School Dayz Academy and GET LIT GIRLZ CAMP empower young leaders to radiate brilliance, both within the classroom and beyond.

Ready to embark on your leadership odyssey?

Enroll in School Dayz Academy today and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to growth, empowerment, and societal impact!

At School Dayz Academy and GET LIT GIRLZ CAMP, our paramount commitment is to cultivate secure and nurturing environments for all attendees.

Our holistic curriculum and unwavering mentorship are meticulously designed to equip teenagers with the tools to navigate challenges and make constructive decisions, mitigating the impact of substance use, gang violence, and trafficking/exploitation”

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The Flame Keepers Collective:

Igniting Change, One Spark at a Time.

Joy Revolution

Igniting Diversity Celebration:

Embrace and celebrate rich BIPOC diversity, empowering girls to amplify their unique voices.

Igniting Diversity

Fueling the Black Girl Joy Revolution:

Cultivate self-acceptance, compassion, and celebration, prioritizing well-being

Empowerment Through Unity

Empowerment Through Unity:

Foster sisterhood and solidarity among BIPOC girls, dismantling barriers for a more just world.

Welcome to The Collective at School Dayz Academy

a dedicated space for BIPOC girls aged 12-17. While the Academy offers diverse programming, The Collective provides tailored experiences, focusing on identity, empowerment, and social justice.

With specialized workshops and initiatives, we address unique challenges and foster connection, growth, and advocacy.

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